Is The Mullet Back? When Was It Ever In?

Sorry, Fashionista, but we just can't agree: The mullet is not back. Just because Scarlett Johansson once had it, and Lindsey Wixson now has a pseudo-mullet-y shag, does not a trend make.
We're all for slightly out-of-the-box trends and edgier beauty looks, but we're not sure that this risky 'do is one we can get behind. Besides for the obvious reference to, oh, every male actor in the '80s, we're just not sure if the mullet ever actually flattered a human being's face. (Hey, if it's able to make ScarJo look that scary, who knows its true destructive potential?) While the cut was likely created to elongate the face, in most cases, it tends to warp one's features, rather than frame them the way a pixie might.
What do you think, readers? Are we being too harsh on the mullet (feel free to send through pro-mullet references), or do you agree that this is one style that's just too hard to pull off? (Fashionista)
mulletPhoto: Via Fashionista.

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