We Noticed Something Inspiring At The Newsstand Today

jmmPhoto: Courtesy of InStyle.
At this point, we're all so used to seeing the same celebrities rotated on magazine covers, it's easy to just let your eyes glaze over at the newsstand, focus on getting that pack of gum, and get outta there. And, while we did have some light beef with the September issues this year, we noticed one very awesome thing while glancing at the current covergirls. Right now, at any NYC newsstand worth its salt, you'll see a truly impressive range of ladies who aren't your typical twenty-somethings.
That's right, readers: There are three over-40 cover stars on the major mags this month. Having Jennifer Lopez (44), Sandra Bullock (49), and Julianne Moore (52) featured at the same time is a pretty big deal, since women over 30 are too often relegated to back-of-the-book features, or special anti-aging issues. But, the recent trend is really inspiring and, we hope, indicative of a change in the wind to have all three of these awesome women working it, just like their younger co-stars. Not that we'd expect any less from Hollywood's reigning ladies, but we're glad the print editors of the world agree!

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