Hooray! "Liking" On Facebook Is Now A Freedom Of Speech

mainPhoto: Via Facebook
If you find yourself hesitating before clicking “like” on Facebook, for fear that being a fan of the "Twerking" page might set you back on that promotion or landing that interview, it’s officially time to shake off the paranoia. The courts are finally starting to modernize the law books with the digital age, and have ruled today that “liking” something on Facebook is a form of free speech. Some news worth tapping that thumbs-up button for!
The case was brought to the Fourth U.S. Circuit of Appeals by a former deputy Sheriff in Hampton, Virginia, who was asked to turn in his badge for “liking” his boss’ mayoral opponent on the social media platform, along with five other employees who did the same. So, accepting that friend request from your boss won’t come with as many consequences as it did in the past. But, we have a feeling going on a liking spree at your 9-to-5 will still be risky business while on the clock. (Wall Street Journal)

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