Taylor Swift's New Boyfriend Is Not Brenton Thwaites. We Think

From the mouths of babes comes truth, someone once wrote somewhere. And Taylor Swift's new boyfriend, Australian actor Brenton Thwaites, has recently denied reports that he is in fact Taylor Swift's new boyfriend. Where does that leave us? Who do we believe? Life & Style reports that, according to an inside source with super-exclusive inside access to the privileged inside goings-on of Taylor Swift's romantic life, Thwaites dispelled rumors that the two had done anything more than appear in public with each other at the Toronto International Film Festival. "I took one photo with the girl!" Thwaites allegedly said. "I mean, we were hanging out all night, but now suddenly she's my girlfriend!'"
Then again, shouting "she's my girlfriend!" — regardless of the context — doesn't sound exactly like a denial. On the other hand, Thwaites is reportedly in a relationship with someone else already. Perhaps they fall somewhere on a spectrum of Being Together and Not Being Together. If we were the betting kind, however, we'd take the over on not-dating.
This has been your Taylor Swift Romance Bulletin. Bon week-end! (Life & Style)
taylorthwaitesPhoto: Via Life & Style

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