Baby DJ School Is Real, Most Brooklyn Thing Ever

Is your baby is getting bored with blocks, breast feeding, and learning to hold his head up? Fear not, parents. The Baby DJ School will teach your infant to drop beats and handle vinyl like a seasoned pro. Recently started by Crown Heights DJ Natalie Elizabeth Weiss, the Baby DJ School is exactly what it sounds like. Geared toward the under-three set, Weiss' class gets your kid behind a deck, and into "an exciting new musical landscape," all for a mere $200.
Now, we have no qualms against early education or music's impact on the mind of a young child. But, come on now. This is a Portlandia sketch gone horribly real. Surely, your baby has better things to do with his time and non-existent motor skills than work out dubstep remixes. Is your baby going to be hitting the clubs with you this weekend? Are you planning to offer up his spinning skills for your sister's wedding? Does your baby really need to form an opinion on Skrillex?
Still, perhaps we're being too negative. Maybe we're underestimating your baby. But before you drop $200 to invest your future Moby, let's just try one quick test. Put your baby in front of a keyboard. How long before he's chewing on it? That's what we thought. If you still want to be that parent who says, "Sorry, I can't make lunch this week. Braeyden has DJ school," then by all means. We're just saying Fisher Price still makes xylophones. They cost $13.99. (AV Club)
baby-djPhoto: via The AV Club

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