Anthony Weiner Flips Off Reporters After Losing Mayoral Race

Anthony Weiner may have only pulled in less than five percent of the vote in yesterday's New York mayoral primary, but he wasn't ready to go out quietly. Last night, after a brief concession speech, Weiner pulled the political PR equivalent of dropping the mic by flipping off the cameras as he exited his own election party. As if that weren't enough, Weiner's election party last night had its own drama before his middle-finger antics. It's unclear whether the bird was intended for the press in general or otherwise. Lindsey Christ at NY1 suggests there was a scuffle with his security team. His former sexting partner, Sydney Leathers, made an uninvited appearance at his election night gathering at a Midtown bar, squeezed into a skin-tight red dress and posing for reporters outside a nearby McDonald's. When asked why she had felt compelled to show up, Leathers said, "Just because he's such an embarrassment."
This is only the latest episode in a string of bad press during Weiner's latest bid for City Hall. After bouncing back from his first sexting scandal, his campaign slammed a former intern, branding her a "slutbag" after she published a tell-all about her bad experiences with the Weiner team in the New York Daily News. Weiner dodged and demurred on questions from a former educator about his unbecoming conduct with a passive-aggressive "Are you not voting for me?" And amid the ongoing Carlos Danger scandal, Weiner's campaign manager quit barely a month and a half before the primary, kneecapping his polling numbers irreparably. (NPR)
anthonyweinerfingerPhoto: Courtesy Twitter.

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