Is Wearing Your Hair Long After A Certain Age A Beauty No-No?

As we get older, maintaining our tresses becomes more and more of a chore. Maybe it's because we no longer have our moms to do our French braids in the morning, or maybe it's because life just gets in the way, but at this point we're pretty darn sick of long locks. Turns out we're not alone. Plenty of ladies start to lust after shorter, easier 'dos with every passing year. In fact, a recent survey was able to pinpoint the exact age that women come to a hair breaking point: 46.
That's right, after 45 years of blow drying and curling, women hit a pivotal point in their beauty routines. Respondents said that after age 40, hair becomes a more important marker of age than complexion, and at 46 it's time for a little tress self-evaluation. For most, that means busting out the shears and taking it all off. Of course, a good ol' makeover is a fun choice at any point in your life — and, we don't see anything wrong with women of a certain age rocking flowing locks. But, we do feel you if you get the urge to take a page out of Charlize Theron's book (at any age). (Daily Mail)
oPhoto: Via Daily Mail

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