Rad Or Bad: Zoë Saldana's Almost-Overall

If clothes could talk and had life crises like we humans do, we'd imagine this getup Zoë Saldana wore to a Marvel Studios event this past weekend at Comic-Con would be in the middle of an existential identity crisis. Does her Balmain denim number want to be a jumpsuit or a pair of overalls? Which leads us to a deeply philosophical debate: Are overalls just a variation of the jumpsuit, or are jumpsuits just dressy overalls? Chicken or the egg? Bueller?
The two types share a relatively similar silhouette, and their comfort levels are pretty much the same, but there's something different about Saldana's sartorial choice. Don't get us wrong here, the high-waisted, bedazzled-strap design definitely looks good on the Star Trek actress, and we're loving the day-to-night versatility it offers, but what does it want to be? Get out the night cheese and a few bottles of vino, because this is going to be quite the dialogue.
Photo: Richie Buxo/Splash News/Corbis.

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