What?! Eternal Redhead Julianne Moore Goes Blonde

Whoa. That was the first thought that popped into our heads when we saw this photo of Julianne Moore on the set of her new movie Maps To The Stars with her gorgeous deep-auburn locks replaced with a bright shade of blonde.
Look, we know that celebs change their hair up all the time, and we really have to stop having so many feelings about it (Oh, Emma Stone, how you torture us) — but we didn't realize how attached we were to Moore's glossy red locks until we saw her in a different shade. Now we just don't know how to feel. We're going to hope that this look was the result of extremely skilled wig application, and that underneath all of that blonde, her flaming locks may still exist.
What do you think of the actress's new dye job? Are you as confused as we are? (Glamour)
Photo: Courtesy of Glamour

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