The 10 Tastiest Mocktails To Chug-A-Lug NOW

Summertime continues to tease us as sunrays shine across the city and quenching that thirst with a delicious drink just feels right. And, while there is no shortage of artfully constructed cocktails here in S.F., what about for us sober folks? Are we destined to soda and water forever? Fear not — luckily, many of our favorite local bartenders are serving something extra special, without the hooch.
If being intoxicated is not on the itinerary, here are ten of the city's best mocktails to keep you oh-so-happy at the bar. Whether you're saddled down to a morning meeting or just on DD duty for the night, your taste buds can still partake in the fun with these delicious concoctions. Belly up and get to sippin' — the non-alchie sauce, that is.
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Maple Basil Crunch, $5, at Bourbon and Branch
Feel like sobriety is not top-of-mind at this whiskey-pumping joint? Wrong. Justus MacDonald, one of the many fierce barmen at Bourbon and Branch, came up with a combo concoction that might make you scratch your head while you're licking your lips. The subtle and sweet mix of maple syrup and basil with lemon and soda is ridiculously refreshing. This knocked our socks off so hard, we left thinking there should be way more drinks starring basil.

Bourbon and Branch, 501 Jones Street (at O'Farrell Street); 415-346-1735.
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Raw-volution, $7, at Millennium
If any joint knows its way around a pile of fruits and veggies, it's S.F.'s famed vegetarian restaurant, Millennium. Of course, with that farming know-how, the resto thought to pair kombucha, muddled apricot, mint, strawberry, and lime juice for a citrus mocktini. The drink is finished off with homemade ginger agave syrup and dehydrated citrus peels, then garnished with razor-thin slices of cucumber and strawberry. Go ahead, taste the rainbow.

Millennium, 580 Geary Street (at Jones Street); 415-345-3900.
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Virgin Hakka, $8, at Hakkasan
The folks at Hakkasan take cocktails very seriously, complete with serving up its signature drink sans alcohol. The creamy, frothy coconut and lychee bevy is paired to perfection with a homemade, passion fruit puree syrup (think of a buttered-popcorn jelly bean liquefied to a sweet kick). If you haven't experienced this beautiful, upscale L.A.-esque resto that's perched over Market Street, we've found the ultimate excuse to pop in.

Hakkasan, 1 Keary Street (at Geary Street); 415-829-8148.
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Virgin Piña Colada, $6, at El Techo Lolinda
Lolinda's new rooftop bar, El Techo, may be filled with el techies on sunny days, but if there's anything worth getting up in that mad crazy weekend mix, it's the beyond delicious virgin piña colada they serve up. Super creamy pineapple and coconut cream over crushed ice, topped with a sprinkle of cinnamon. You'll happily be the DD with this drinkable dessert. May we have another, please?

El Techo Lolinda, 2518 Mission Street (at 21st Street); 415-550-6970.
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Hot Zombie, $6, at Ken Ken Ramen
Cutie bartender Charles Papillo created the infamous Hot Zombie, a Thai chili-infused lemonade mixed with açai and mango juice on a whim. What's in a name? Charles thought it looked like a zombie's foaming mouth! First it's frothy and fruity, and then you get a little bit of burn on your tongue. While the signature bevy changes nightly, it's become Ken Ken Ramen's most requested libation – with the heavy stuff and without. Want to recreate it at home? Look out for an entire cocktail book from the resto this fall.

Ken Ken Ramen, 2278 18th Street (at Mission Street); 415-967-2336.
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Orange Flower Limeade, $6, at Burritt Room
Known for creating very complex artisanal cocktails, the folks at the Burritt Room kill it on the non-alcoholic side, too. The chilled limeade contains a trace of orange flower, just enough to have you examining your palate after the first sip. What else is that you taste? Probably olio sacrum, a spiced citrus oil made from pressing lime and lemon peels with sugar, clove, and nutmeg. For an extra sophisticated treat, chew on the sage garnish when you're done sipping.

Burritt Room, 417 Stockton Street (between Bush and Sutter streets); 415-400-0555.
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Grapefruit Signature Refresher, $5, at Rich Table
Hayes Valley foodie fave, Rich Table, has three signature refreshers that are practically screaming for summertime consumption. The artistically presented and sensory-inducing Grapefruit Elderflower is definitely our pick of the lot! So, grab a seat at the bar and get ready to pucker up as you gulp down the St. Germaine-esque citrus cooler. Don't forget to take a deep breath — the elderflower garnish will have you intoxicated with freshness in no time, sans hangover.

Rich Table, 199 Gough Street (at Oak Street); 415-355-9085.
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Darjeeling Cooler, $5, at Starbelly
The Castro's Starbelly serves up an all-ages sober sensation so similar in sight to a cocktail that no one will even notice it is lacking that spike. One sweet swallow of this fresh, tea-inspired swig brings a summer filled with lime and basil to your palate with a light bite, served up with a side of frothy, egg-white foam. And, with the few drops of bitters added on top, we are tea-totally in love with this tonic!

Starbelly, 3583 16th Street (at Noe Street); 415-252-7500.
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Helen Keller, $6, at Novela
The new S.F. bar du jour, Novela, is a definite upgrade from the neon, lucite-floored Fluid that used to occupy the SoMa space. With a Mojito-esque vibe, its Helen Keller mocktail is a sweet and tangy zero-booze tonic that mixes cranberry juice, pineapple syrup, and ginger beer, made complete with mint garnish.

Novela, 662 Mission Street (between New Montgomery and Annie Street Alley); 415-896-6500.
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The Juno, $4.50, at Slow Club
The vibe at Slow Club is so epically chill, it's a non-boozer's dream destination. Named after the goddess of marriage and wife of Jupiter, the summertime mocktail is made from muddled blackberries, fresh lemon, rosemary, a basil and honey syrup, orange bitters, and seltzer. It's berry, berry good.

Slow Club, 2501 Mariposa Street (at Hampshire Street); 415-241-9390.

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