"Girl Meets World" Is Officially Happening And We're SO Okay With That

Our hope for healthy TV romances began to take an unhealthy turn when we heard Uncle Jesse really believed that Aunt Becky is the one that got away. And then, we saw the first images of the Disney Channel's Boy Meets World spin-off, featuring the most beloved of '90s kiddie couple, Cory and Topanga, looking happily married, with a daughter in tow. A collective sigh, please.
Girl Meets World follows Cory and Topanga's tween daughter, Riley Matthews, in a story of self-discovery similar to the kind adolescent discoveries the original cast went through. However, we've got a feeling that Riley's drama will involve more Twitter feuds and Facebook relationship-status troubles than the "but this girl flirted with me on the class ski trip" frustrations of the original. Oh, how adolescence has changed....
Disney exec Adam Bonnett said they're looking forward to "building a memorable connection with a whole new generation of fans" the same way Boy Meets World did back in the '90s. Call us childish young at heart, but we're not ashamed to admit our excitement over this. Cory and Topanga's relationship was formative in a lot of our hearts and minds, and we have no doubt we'll learn a lesson or two in how to be all-star spouses, from this follow-up. (GossipCop)
Photo: Courtesy of Disney.

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