Don't Know How To Masturbate Properly? There's An App For That

While we may not shy away from the topic of masturbation (heck, we're totally behind the masturbation jewelry movement), the majority of the female population prefers to keep their alone time in the dark. Almost half of the women the creator behind the new masturbation education app, Happy Playtime, surveyed pleasure themselves less than 30 days a year (a meager 0.5 percent do it on the daily). Either women aren't comfortable freely discussing their solo-time, or there's a lot of built-up tension out there that's waiting to be released that no one knows how to properly tap into.
That's where Happy Playtime comes in. On the app's website, app designer Tina Gong explains, "Being comfortable with your own sexual pleasure is a prerequisite to both being able to healthily accept pleasure from others, and pleasing others." Gong believes the taboo of female masturbation is preventing women from truly being comfortable with their own sexuality. So, she created a cartoon vagina named Happy to educate women, because cartoons make learning more fun than scientific graphics and uncomfortable real-life close-ups. Happy shows its users exactly how to stimulate and where to touch, and lets users know when they're doing it right by saying things like, "Oh my, I'm getting all hot and bothered."
All giggles aside (we completely understand the humor in seeing cartoon genitalia talk dirty) this app could do wonders for breaking down the stigma surrounding female sexuality. Happy Playtime's website offers some head-scratching stats that suggest the earlier girls start masturbating, the healthier their sexual lives are in the future. Now, if only there were an app that taught other people the ways to make us happy, too... (Jezebel)
Photo: Courtesy of Happy Playtime.

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