Is This Thieving Group S.F.'s Version Of "The Bling Ring"?

While we love to copy Emma Watson's darling style, it seems like a posse of sticky-fingered gals are mimicking the Brit's role in The Bling Ring. Known as the Rainbow Girls Gang, the group (which includes three transgendered women) have been going on a bit of a high-fashion shopping binge, minus the part where you actually have to dish out the dough. Also, it's not difficult to fathom why the unit goes by the alias, since they literally dress in colorful gear — not exactly the incognito getups we've come to expect from petty thieves.
Now, they might have reached levels of grand theft with their latest sting: Early last week, the gang targeted Burberry as its latest victim, and you know those trenches don't come cheap! Since the group has an affinity for getting their five-finger discount on at fashionable Union Square boutiques, we can only hope the runway trends don't include rainbow-clad garb in the seasons to come. (ABC News)
Photo: Via Facebook/ The Bling Ring

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