Introducing iOS 7: The Bright, Shiny Future Of Apple

Proud patriots and techies alike, start waving those good ol’ US of A flags because we’ve got some Apple news that hits home. New details for the next line of Macbooks, Pros, and a whole new iOS have officially emerged. At Apple's Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC), the tech giant debuted revamped Macs, MacBook Pros, Airs, and a brand spankin' new operating system. Aside from the awe and wonder that came with each new slide Tim Cook and his team paged through (and that The Verge graciously kept updating us with), they announced that all their products will be assembled within the home of the brave — Texas to be exact!
There may not be any new iPhone updates, but we'll pick that bone another day. This onslaught of tech news has us ready to upgrade, and antsy to take a bite out of these new Apples.
Photo: Courtesy of Apple.

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