5 Things To Know This AM — May 02 2013

There's more to Instagram than ridiculously good-looking meals, selfies, and opulent photos from vacations that you or may not have actually taken. (Details)
After comparing Angelina Jolie's modeling photos from when she was 16 to images of her today, we just have one question: Is she some kind of wizard? (Styleite)
In an incredibly hip twist of fate, Sufjan Stevens' guide to college fashion in 1995 was anti-trend before it was even trendy to be anti-trend. (BuzzFeed)
With all the flack that Beyoncé gets for alleged copy-catting, some would say she's more of a canvas than a creator these days, but that's not necessarily a bad thing — and this is why. (Billboard)
OpenSky's newly-launched e-commerce site is essentially Etsy for Tumblr users: Unknown designers you can brag about knowing before they were cool. (WWD)
Image: Via Instagram/@humbertotoo.

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