WARNING: Your Poodle May Actually Be A Ferret In Disguise

Yes, the next time you see your fluffy, precious poodle darting around, doing poodle-y things, take a closer look: Is your poodle actually a ferret? Are you sure? Because apparently, the poodle/ferret divide is less of a wide chasm than you might have originally assumed.
Case in point: A couple of claims have recently emerged out of Argentina that pet owners are being duped into purchasing steroid-filled ferrets made to look like poodles. Yes, really. And, only after taking their ferret-poodle to the vet did they learn the truth. The ferrets were, according to the Independent, "fluffed-up" to look like poodles.
But, you know...this writer once lived with a ferret. And there are some things that you simply can't hide, like that weird back-hump thing. And the fact that they are really long. And all have those beady, little, ferret-y eyes.
Sadly, this has not just affected the poodle industry, but reports of ferrets being passed off as chihuahuas have surfaced, too. So please, check your pooch, and let us know if you worry you may have a ferret in disguise. (Independent)

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