Hanging Out In PJs Is The Coolest Thing To Do, Says M.J. & A.L.T

Ladies, cancel your Friday night dinner plans — but keep that blowout appointment you had beforehand, because you're staying home this weekend, and you need to look good. According to Marc Jacobs, this season is all about the home.
Yeah, that's right. Turns out getting all dressed up with nowhere to go is the new black. "What's the most decadent thing anybody can ever do?" Marc recently asked. "Get all dressed up, do their make up, and stay at home." This season, the kilt-wearing-turned-pajama-aficionado put our favorite flannel jammies to shame with the Comme des Garçons sleepwear he wore to his Marc by Marc Jacobs show last week. Home, lounge, and louche are the three big things this season, and André Leon Talley is quick to agree. Apparently the best way to dress is as if we're at home during the day. Take that with as many grains of salt as you'd like, but we're betting showing up to the office in our nighties, Uggs, and make-up all done isn't the best 9-to-5 look — even if it is in Vogue .
What say you, people of the Internet? Are you ready for a second round of pajama-chic, or are you steering clear? (Fashionista)
Video: Courtesy of Vogue

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