The Best-Dressed Women In Literature (C'mon, Use Your Imagination)

Literature probably isn't the first place you'd go looking for fashion icons. But just as in film and theater, the clothes on a character's back say a lot about their inner hopes, desires, dreams, and schemes. Being the well-read ladies that they are, The Fug Girls set out to find the most fashionable women of the written word, and frankly, we're 100 percent on-board with their choices. Even though they're fictional, and we have to imagine what they actually might look like (barring the ones in books that were turned into movies), these female protagonists have some serious style.
We won't spoil the entire list for you, but we will tell you that Southern-belle-turned-Civil-War-widow Scarlett O'Hara is number one. Though she may have questionable politics, those hoop skirts do tend to stick in your brain. Babysitter's Club fans will be pleased to see one of their favorite characters make an appearance (at least those books had cover photos to inspire your imagination). The suggestion we'd make? You really can't begin to broach the topic of literary fashion without mentioning The Great Gatsby's Jordan Baker and Daisy Buchanan.
Check out the full list over on Bookish, then give us your top five...who knows, we might put together a list of our own someday, so we'll need your recs!
Photo: Courtesy of MGM.

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