You'll Never Guess How Guys Are Really Judging You

Your chest, your legs, your hair, your eyes — sure, any dude takes the full inventory when he meets you for the first time (right around the same time you're scoping his height, shoulders, arms, and beard or lack thereof). But, perhaps even more crucially than all that logging of the highs and lows of each other's looks, we also judge each other for ancillary characteristics at first blush: style, posture, grammar, and the like. How, then, do men weight these other characteristics? You're about to find out.
Thanks to's most recent survey, we now know that, yes, men are certainly scanning those things you spend so many hours primping and prepping in the name of your own vanity (wardrobe, hair, and nails). They're also checking out your tattoos, and your grammar's pretty important, too. But the biggest point of judgment? Your teeth.
So, for those of us with bright, straight smiles, first impressions are a breeze. Those of us with a little work to be done will have to count on our effervescent personalities to see us through the first few seconds (that, or get a good DDS). But it's a two-way street, in case you were wondering: You ladies also prize a good set of choppers over grammar, hair, style, and yes, shoes. On the bright side, next time a guy says he loves your smile, you'll know it's not just a line. (USA Today)
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Photo: Courtesy of USA Today/Courtesy of Roberto Cavalli.

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