Stars, They're Just Like Us: Here's David Beckham Tweeting

We've been seeing a lot of David Beckham shirtless and strutting around in nothing but a pair of tight skivvies for quite a while now — and, thank the lord, there's much more to come. In the latest installment of David Beckham's H&M campaign — a short film directed by pal Guy Ritchie — released today, Beckham adjusts his briefs (ahh) and runs around naked through the yards and streets of Beverly Hills chasing his robe (stuck in the Range with, presumably, the Beckham boys). Apparently, it's very important to him.
But enough about that (though you can and should watch him sprint like mad here — reminding us why he's famous in the first place), we're more excited about a fully clothed DB, tweeting for H&M. While the soccer star doesn't have Twitter (a constant source of frustration for R29 HQ), he does, apparently, know how to use the social media site. Hopefully, he'll be tweeting some shirtless selfies, right? Video: Courtesy of H&M

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