You Know What The Super Bowl Is Bad At? Facebook...

From where we stand, social media seems like the true test of brand popularity. You might be friends with all kinds of riffraff, but you wouldn't let some strange corporate entity into your news feed unless you were a true fan, right? Based on that logic, we would've expected giant numbers for NFL teams, given that the Super Bowl draws hundreds of millions of viewers each year, not to mention all those other games along the way. But no such luck.
The most popular team on Facebook is the Dallas Cowboys, with over five million likes...but of the 32 NFL teams, nearly half have less than a million. The Steelers got the most comments this season (all nice onces, we hope). And if you go by Facebook activity, you can bet the Ravens don't stand a chance at winning the big game this year.
Pop over to Mashable for the full infographic. Then, maybe, you can help us explain why all these NFL fans are so unenthused when it comes to social media. Guess cheering and jeering just isn't as exciting from behind a computer screen. (Mashable)
Images via Mashable/Courtesy of Social Fresh.

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