Do Blondes Really Have More Fun?

For our part, we love a luscious brunette or a dark black mane. But the all-powerful science people have now come up with a new theory that blond hair is actually an evolutionary advantage. As you may remember from your high school biology class, the blond gene is recessive — meaning if one brunette and one blond have a child, there's a pretty good chance the kid will come out on the darker side of the hair spectrum. But every once in a while, blonds do pop up, and back in the day (way back, we're talkin' caveman times), that was just about the most exciting thing that ever happened to anyone.
This theory holds that humans are naturally drawn to novelty. As problem shoppers, we get that. Cavemen were apparently so stunned by the appearance of a blonde gal that they couldn't help but abandon polygamy and commit themselves and their sperm to her for life. That prehistoric preference for blonds led to more blond babies, and thus, what might have been a lost gene turned into a fairly prevalent one (although blond hair is still less common than black or brown). (Jezebel)
Today, the societal value on fair hair is obviously wrapped up in a lot more than just biology. In your experience, does that age-old penchant still exist?
Photo: Courtesy of MGM.

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