This Man Robbed The Late Steve Jobs' House—Without Knowing It

Talk about an uninvited houseguest. The late Steve Jobs’ Palo Alto pad was recently ransacked and stripped of over $60,000 in personal, tech, and luxe goodies. Wait, how does this even happen? Well, according to the Mercury News, the thief allegedly made a swift entrance and waltzed in using a spare key found on the property — no alarm, no disruption, nada. The home was under renovation and Kariem McFarlin (who has been arrested) had no clue that it was the tech-giant’s abode. But, once he took a stroll around, he soon realized he was in the late-mogul’s place and jetted off with Jobs’ wallet (he swiped his driver’s license), rare Apple gadgets, $60,000 worth of Tiffany jewels, Cristal champagne, and much more. Once the thief got home, he even gave one of Jobs' iPads to his daughter. Shame!
Luckily, all of the items have been returned. But, this begs the question: Why the heck was the home — owned by the founder of one of the world's most hush-hush tech companies — not properly secured? The Palo Alto police department says the security breach is part of a larger trend in Palo Alto, where there's been a 63% increase in burglaries attributed to unlocked doors and windows. Come on, folks, get with it ... fasten up your pad. (San Jose Mercury News)
Photo: Via San Jose Mercury News

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