Shocker: David Beckam Wears Clothes For Magazine Cover

Everyone knows that when David Beckham isn't out with his family, he's busy flexing his butt cheeks in his very own line of underwear for H&M. He used to be known for something ... what is it? Basketball maybe? But now, he's most prominently recognized as a professional non-shirt-wearer. Or at least, that was what the world believed ... until now.
Becks is making waves around the world with his recent cover for British Esquire, on which he appears fully clothed in not one but two shirts and a pair of pants (no, they're not ass-less chaps, if that's what you're thinking). He even made this controversial statement: "What you see, that’s me. And that won’t change. I might not walk around in just my underwear every day, but that’s the only thing. I don’t try and hide anything. There’s nothing to hide." Click through for a second, slightly bewildering image and tell us if you like this new-fangled Beckham. (Esquire UK)
What do you think of this unlikely photoshoot? Does Beckham have the right to walk around fully clothed like the rest of us, or is it his civic duty to remain shirtless at all times?
Photo: Courtesy of Esquire UK.
So moody. Forget what we said before about a "pair of pants" — clearly Becks is very serious about not getting naked, serious enough to wear a pair of long johns just in case.
Photo: Courtesy of Esquire UK.

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