The Easiest Polka Dots Ever: Our Favorite Nail Art Cheat!

polka dots
One of my favorite things about working at Refinery29 is the constant nail art inspiration I get from my stellar colleagues. Months of attempting their creations have led to me coming up with a few on my own. I've always loved polka dot nails, but after a few cups of coffee there's no way I can paint teeny-tiny perfect circles. Instead, I used a Q-tip as a polka-dot stamp, and it worked like a charm. Read below for my instructions and see what fun dot combinations you can dream up!
You will need:
Scrap paper or a paper plate (something that can get ruined with polish)
Base color
Two dot colors
Several Q-tips
Top Coat
Apply your base color, and let it dry completely. Put a few drops of your first dot color onto the scrap paper. Dip a Q-tip in the polish and apply dots on your nails as desired. You may need to apply dots twice (sometimes the Q-tip may leave a little gap in the center). Change your Q-tips while you're painting if they start to get fuzzy or leave cotton bits on your nails. Let the dots dry completely. Next, repeat with the second dot color. A good tip is to apply one dot fewer than you did with the first dot color. Let the second dot color dry completely (seriously don't skip this part) and then apply your top coat. Voila!
Photographed by Shani Silver

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