15 Surprising Uses For Vaseline

No bag or bedside table would be complete without that little blue tin of petroleum jelly in it. The multi-beauty purposes of Vaseline make it pretty much the best $3 you can spend. Don’t believe us? Read on for 15 unexpected beauty tricks all performed by the stuff inside the little round pot.
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Highlight cheekbones
This trick is used backstage by dozens of makeup artists every fashion month and it's the easiest way to give your skin a natural glow. Just add a little Vaseline to your index finger and gently smudge along your cheekbone to give skin a radiant shine that will last for hours. This should be the last thing you do, after foundation, blush, and powder.
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Make your perfume last longer
Vaseline is an occlusive, so it will stop your skin from absorbing perfume — making it last longer. Just dab a little wherever you intend to spritz and the fragrance will sit on the Vaseline and keep you smelling sweet all day.
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Remove lash glue
Rub a little Vaseline onto your fingertips and gently massage your lashes to remove any tricky falsies and last remnants of glue.
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Use as clear mascara
And on the subject of lashes, Vaseline makes a pretty decent mascara substitute if you’re rocking a statement lip and want to keep your lashes well-groomed but natural-looking. Simply curl your lashes and apply a tiny amount of Vaseline using your fingers.
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Prevent hair dye from running
Stop color from bleeding onto your forehead when you’re doing an at-home dye by smudging Vaseline all along your hair line and slightly down onto your forehead. It will act as a barrier between your skin and the dye, preventing any pigment from being absorbed.

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Prevent self-tan disasters
The same dye trick applies to self-tanner. Rub Vaseline into tricky areas such as wrists, knees, and elbows to prevent streaks from forming.
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Help heal sunburn
While Vaseline doesn’t boast hydrating properties, it will prevent your skin from losing any moisture by acting as a lock between skin and air. So, apply it to the affected area straight away, and avoid any more sun exposure, naturally.
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Keep brows looking well-groomed
Comb a little Vaseline through your brows to keep them in shape all day. This is especially useful if you use powder-based brow fillers to perfect your arches — the Vaseline will also keep any product in place.
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Turn any matte lipstick glossy
Use a lip brush to apply a layer of Vaseline over any matte lip color to give a glossy finish. Not only will this trick turn any color into a multi-tasker, it will stop the pigment from drying out your lips, too.
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Turn any eyeshadow into a lipstick
Just mix a little of your favorite shadow with a dab of Vaseline using a lip brush and apply directly onto lips. This is a great idea if you want to try a more experimental lip color without investing.
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Get wet-look hair
One of the biggest hair trends is slicked-back hair, but how can you tame your flyaways when even the toughest gel products won’t do the trick? A dab of Vaseline will hold even the most wayward strands in place.
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Make a split end treatment
You can also use a tiny touch of Vaseline to touch up any split ends that may be ruining your otherwise perfect blowout. Run a little petroleum jelly onto your fingertips and twist the very ends of your hair together to distribute a little of the product in.

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Get a salon-perfect manicure every time
Run a dab of Vaseline around the edges of your nails using a Q-tip to prevent any messy overspill of nail polish onto cuticles.
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Remove stubborn makeup
Apply a little Vaseline onto a muslin cloth to get rid of even the most budge-proof mascara, liner, and lipstick. Just follow up with your favorite cleanser to remove any leftover traces.

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Use it as a night cream in a pinch
While it might not be packed with anti-aging ingredients or smell like roses, Vaseline makes a pretty decent night cream. If you suffer from dry skin, apply a layer of the product before bed and you’ll wake up with softer skin, as the petroleum jelly will prevent any moisture-loss throughout the night. And don’t worry, Vaseline is non-comedogenic, so it won’t clog pores and cause blemishes.
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