Watch: An Underwater Nightclub Opens IN The Hudson River

Well, not exactly. Mainly because it's not technically "real," but also because we're not sure anyone would willingly submerge themselves in any of NYC's bodies of water (no offense, NYC). Still, this TechnoMarine commercial-cum-viral video is fun to watch as a rendering of our potential future club habits. (If we were to clean up the Hudson, just a bit.) Everyone's wearing these astronaut-ish helmuts, drinking from vague, air-sealed (beer?) mugs, and playing darts with an underwater gun. Oh, and wearing TechnoMarine watches that are (spoiler alert!) waterproof. Check out the video below and tell us your pie-in-the-sky plan for a beyond boîte in the comments below. Ours is in SPACE! (Business Insider)
Video: Via YouTube

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