Watch: All The Weird Things People Do When They Live Alone

STILL think you're crazy for living alone in the city? We've already weighed the pros and cons of singleton dwelling and most of you agree that living alone is A-OK and won't harm your psychological well-being (unless you're a taxi driver and your name is Travis Bickle), whew! You trade crazy roommates for your own insane eccentric quirks like peeing with the bathroom door open, accidentally forgetting to wear pants, and talking out loud. And yeah, we ourselves may or may not be guilty of sleeping with a human-shaped pile of laundry.
Check out this hilarious, spot-on comedy sketch from the funny people at Upright Citizens Brigade, reenacting exactly what we do when we live alone (except for maybe defrosting chicken in the shower...). (UCB)
Things That Seem Normal When You Live Alone
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Video: Via UCB

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