5 Simple Secrets For Crafting The Perfect Home

Photo: Courtesy Matthew Harrington.
Style Me Pretty's Abby Larson has a reputation — rightfully earned — for knowing her way around a tablescape. The wildly popular blogger's empire of meticulously curated wedding #inspo has a global footprint, and SMP's living section offers advice on everything from seasonal place settings to the best accent armchairs.

We caught up with Larson after an inspired luncheon to chat about decorating for the season. Read on for her best tips for hacking your home for the holidays — or any day, really.
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Photo: Courtesy Matthew Harrington.
Design your home to fit your lifestyle.
"I am always thinking about the kids, but never decorating around them," notes Larson, whose family home is a haven for her brood. "Great baskets hide the toys that sprinkle our living room floor, cute bar stools boost them up to the counter so that we can share a cookie and a chat, and walls are painted in a finish that can be wiped clean." All life lessons worth implementing early — just replace "toys" with "clothes" and "cookie" with "avocado toast," and these are situations pretty much anyone can relate to.
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Photo: Courtesy Matthew Harrington.
Take inspiration from everywhere.
"For this tablescape, I was inspired by the perfect blushy-pink sunset that we can see from our backyard at a specific time of day in the cooler fall months," Larson says. Here, she paired pale pinks and metallics to striking effect, even using ribbon from a Paris flea market to bundle each diner's set of flatware.
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Photo: Courtesy Matthew Harrington.
Swap with the seasons.
"Sprinkle on inexpensive, trendy pieces so that you can change them out as the seasons pass," says Larson, who, when she's not hauling bucketfuls of ribbon back from France, turns to HomeGoods for decorative accents. "We can’t ever expect to love the same decor for the rest of our lives — give yourself permission to change."
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Photo: Courtesy Matthew Harrington.
Use what you already have.
"Swap existing pieces from one room to another for a fresh new take on a well-loved treasure," says Larson, whose new mantra is DIQ — Do It Quick. "Take leaves from outside and spray-paint them for fall-themed accents that complement the decor you already know and love."
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Photo: Courtesy Matthew Harrington.
Take your time.
"We just moved into my dream home," Larson says. "I'd told the previous owners that if they ever wanted to sell it, to please call us first. Once we got that call, the rest was history." While she's had plenty of time to be pining (and pinning) away, Larson says she's still taking her time to decorate, making design choices that reflect the home's architectural heritage. "We [want to] honor the incredible detail that went into the space." Call us when it's done, Abby!

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