The Stealthiest Products Beauty Pros Swear By

Whether it's the go-to red lipstick that looks incredible on everyone or that clutch hairspray, we know there are certain products beauty pros always have on them. But aside from the obvious ones, also tucked inside the kits of top hair and makeup experts are a handful of items we have never even heard of, as well as products (even utensils) that are used in ways you would never expect. Think a greaseless balm, the ultimate concealer palette, or a Clarisonic for your lips.

Those are just a few of the answers we got when we quizzed some of our favorite pros on the craziest (and most effective) products they have with them at all times. The answers differed widely, but all pointed to one thing: maximum beauty realness. Click through to find out what these experts swear by. You'll never look at your takeout chopsticks the same way again.

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