Announcing R29 Man: Our Ultimate Guide To Men's Style

Gentleman. Guys. Dudes. So many times we've heard you praise our coverage of fashion for the fairer sex, while lamenting the distinct lack of real, honest, affordable online guidance. Sure, you've got all those mens' style bloggers, glossy mags, and chat groups. But for pointed, focused intel that steers clear of bargain basements and overpriced options wrapped up in an engaging, addictive package, it seems men certainly got the short end of the stick.
Well, we're throwing you boys a line: You gents will now have your own, dedicated mens' fashion hub right here at the Internet's leading independent site for discovering and celebrating personal style. You'll have R29 Man.
Created in partnership with Levi's® — itself an essential staple of the stylish man's wardrobe — we'll be providing you with the product picks, styling advice, and grooming tips that will make staying sharp, comfortable, and, dare we say, sexy, absolutely effortless. Oh, and for you gals out there, you've just been handed a comprehensive guide to helping the men in your life up their style game to the next level. You're welcome.
So, at last, you guys will achieve fashion equality with all those stylish, effortlessly chic Refinery29 women. You're the R29 Man, and we've got your back.
Visit R29 Man here.

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