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I Went No Sugar For 5 Days — & Here Is What Happened

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Sugar. It's my best friend and my enemy. While I know there's no such thing as "good" foods or "bad foods" — and I am not interested in a restrictive eating plan — I've definitely suffered the regret of going overboard on sugar.

It has been referred to as "the cigarettes of our generation," so I wanted to see what would happen if I cut it out, cold turkey. Some suggested I remove sugar from my diet gradually, but I wanted to see what five days without sugar would REALLY feel like. Would I immediately feel healthier? Would I have more even energy? Would I even be able to do it?
While some effects didn't kick in after just five days, others were blatantly apparent. More importantly than these immediate effects though were the lessons I learned about food. For example, there's a difference between the sugars found in fruit and the refined sugars added to candy bars, and this kind of sugar is hiding in a lot more foods than you think.

Watch the video to follow along on my sugar-free journey. If you're a real sugar monster like I am, you'll probably relate.

I Went No Sugar For 5 Days — & Here Is What Happened

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Refinery29's Lifestyle Host, Lucie Fink, dives headfirst into social experiments, 5 days at a time. Manhattan's very own Millennial survivor-woman is willing to try it all and see what she learns along the way -- testing her mental and physical strengths. New to the city, she is asked to shut off her cell phone for the following work week and then spend a limited $50 the next. Do you know how much the subway costs now-a-days? It's time to watch and learn with Lucie.

No-Sugar Detox Diet Food Experiment, Lucie Fink Released on August 22, 2016