Got Tea? Try This Mulled Wine Recipe, Stat!

emPhoto: Courtesy of Numi Organics.
From glögg to Glühwein, mulled wine has been warming tummies for centuries. Surprisingly, in certain parts of the world, this has been out of necessity and not taste alone: Back in the day, folks in Europe would add spices like clove to their wine to disguise the foul flavors from an old or bad bottle. Today, this boozy beverage is a popular treat the world over — that perfect beverage for keeping a group of partygoers warm and fuzzy on a cold winter's night.
So, in case you'd like to whip up a batch on a moment's notice, Anna Wasserman-Hartman from Numi Organic Tea developed a super-easy recipe for mulled wine that uses orange spice tea bags for an added kick. The best part? Since all that spicy goodness is contained in the bags, you need not worry about accidentally swallowing a chunk of cinnamon stick. Skol!
Spiced Mulled Wine
16 (1 box) Numi Orange Spice tea bags
1 750 ml bottle red wine
1 750 ml bottle port
1 750 ml bottle vodka
2 oranges quartered
8.75 oz natural sugar cubes
4 qt pot, lid
1 metal sieve
1. Squeeze orange quarters and drop them into a large pot along with all tea bags.
2. Pour all red wine and port wine into pot and simmer for one hour.
3. Turn temperature to high and add vodka. Put sugar cubes into the metal sieve.
4. Light liquid on fire and slowly dip metal sieve into and out of liquid (sugar should catch on fire, begin to caramelize, and drip into the liquid). Safety note: Do not use exhaust fan and keep lid nearby and use if flame becomes too high. After sugar has dissolved, remove sieve, put lid on, and turn off heat.
5. Allow to cool and then remove contents by straining into another pot.
6. Serve warm in little espresso/tea cups. Can be rebottled and used at a later date.

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