3 Local Style Bloggers With Hair We Want!

In recent strolls around the blogosphere, we noticed something pretty amazing: Chicago style bloggers have gorgeous hair! How we've overlooked such a phenomenon is beyond us, so allow us to apologize profusely. These three local mavens spend most of their waking hours seeking out fresh, stunning, bet-you-didn't-know-about-this style, and then release it onto the Internet for all to see. Thankfully, they include photos of themselves, too, or else we might be missing out on some awe-inspiring manes. Click through for a peek at the locks we love, and see if you can re-create these styles for yourself. We're left inspired, motivated, and admittedly jealous. What about you?
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Audrey Marie, A Lovely Escape

If Audrey hung her impossibly long, healthy braid out a window, we're quite certain Prince Charming would climb right on up. We want to know what she's using, because there's no way hair behaves that way on its own, right? Right?!
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Melissa Fisher, Oh My God, Unicorns

Melissa's wavy softness and seemingly effortless ombre is one for the hair hall of fame. From the looks of her blog, she's pretty handy with it, too, twisting it into knots of mind-bending proportions. Raise your hand if you just started growing out your hair.
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Nicole Maarja, The Style Tribe

Um, hi, Nicole? Can we like, talk for a second? We're a little concerned about your hair. The skill with which it transforms from healthy, super-straight locks into perfect, almost-messy buns and various gravity-defying 'dos makes us think your hair is not of this world, and we'd like a word with you, thanks.

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