Stam Takes A Journey To The Dark Side

We know, we know — it's not exactly breaking news, but what with Lindsay going back to red and Coco dabbling in pink, this is the first chance we've had to really take a good look at Jessica Stam's new brunette 'do.
That dark and sultry hue really pairs up nicely with Stam's ice-blue eyes, creating a gorgeous contrast with her fair coloring. But while there's no denying she looks stunning — this is Jessica Stam here, people — we're just not sure we're behind this metamorphosis.
Is it just us, or is the transformation too dramatic? We had to do a double take when we first saw the pictures and it took us a few beats to finally work out who exactly it was we were looking at. For a minute there, we thought Sophia Bush had gotten herself some really amazing blue contacts.
Your turn to weigh in: Should Stam have stayed a blonde, or do you like her brown locks?
Photo: Everett Collection/Rex USA

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