Peace Out, Pores: 9 Ways To Minimize Those Pesky Spots

Nearly all women think they have large pores. We get a little bit of oil and all of a sudden, we have the biggest pores of anyone, ever. Although that is most likely not true, large pores and oil are still a major concern for women since they're associated with blackheads, blemishes, and excessive oiliness. It's no wonder there are entire skin-care lines and products specifically dedicated to the shrinking of pores.
But with so many products on the market, it can be hard to figure out what works and what doesn't. Keep a look out for products that contain glycolic acid, salicylic acid, beta-hydroxy, and dicorboxylic acid, or their natural counterparts willow bark, tea tree oil, and bamboo extract. These ingredients help to exfoliate the skin, making sure there are no dead surface cells to settle in the pores and stretch them, which can cause them to appear larger.
If you're a DIY kind of girl, there are plenty of at home treatments that will help shrink those pesky pores. Witch hazel (which you can buy pure or in other astringents) and baking soda (use it on a wet cotton ball like a toner) will help to tighten the skin and pores. Steaming your face can also help to open the pores and draw out the impurities that are causing them to appear larger. Simply drape a towel over your head while holding it over a bowl of steaming water. You can add essential oil or even the witch hazel to the mix to help sooth the skin. Click through to check out some of our favorite pore-banishing products including skin care products and makeup to help hide your pores.
Photo: Courtesy of Nars

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