10 Unusual Grocery Items To Boost Your Beauty Routine

You already know there are great grocery-store finds that boost your beauty routine. Superfoods are the key to healthier skin, while coconut oil has been revolutionizing lives. But, did you ever think that you could get even more from your grocery shopping? Indeed, there are some odd-but-amazing beauty finds lurking right within your food market aisles, literally begging to come home with you and amp your hotness. You just have to know where to look.
We're not talking your run-of-the-mill products, like olive oil and avocados. We're talking things that are a bit unusual. Some may be in your kitchen, but some of them we're sure you've never considered as beauty booty. Suddenly, it's like falling in love with a platonic friend — you never thought of them that way, but suddenly you're all about them. Even better? All of these finds are cheap and can be used to expand your culinary arsenal. Ta-da!
Get ready to grab your local circular and check it twice. Here are some extra items to add to your shopping list this week to up your beauty game.

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