D.C.'s Sweetest Creative Pro Shows Off Her Chic Home Office

Whether you work from home on the reg or just get the occasional flex day, it seems like performing your 9-to-5 duties from the comfort of your couch is as commonplace as owning a cell phone. The real challenge? Creating an in-home office that’s functional and stylish. So, we stopped by the chic workspace of stationery pro Claudia Smith of Fig. 2 Design Studio to learn how to build your dream work station.
With her step-by-step guide to organizing and decorating, your digs will be Pinterest-worthy in no time, whether you're a freelancer, a full-time entrepreneur, or someone who just needs a weekend-work corner. Don't you feel more productive already?
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Claudia spends most days in her candy-colored home office, a basement space that underwent major renovation.
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In a space as cheerful as this, "work" doesn't seem like a four-letter word. The cushy beanbag chairs make for extra seating when Smith's young niece drops by for a visit.
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Tip 1: Label Like Crazy
"We love labels," Smith says. "Get boxes with labels that are easy to change out when you need to reorganize, or if your handwriting isn't so friendly, print labels on stickers and adhere them to the box."
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Tip 2: Utilize Vertical Space
"Don't forget that every inch counts. Opt for a tall cabinet and invest in a step stool to get the most of your space."
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Tip 3: Choose Stackable Boxes
"There are many stackable boxes out there in different shapes and sizes. Stick to one or two colors and box sizes to keep a unified look in your studio."
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Aaaand the OCD part of our brain rejoices.
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Smith and her assistant Megan get down to business in Fig. 2's streamlined, rainbow-hued surroundings. Can we move in?
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Tip 4: Give Everything a Home
"A big reason why clutter builds is because things don't have a proper place. The miscellaneous drawer quickly becomes every drawer. It's okay to have a 'misc' drawer or container, but keep it to a minimum. Think in categories and try to give everything a home. Then, get in the habit of continually putting things back where they came from. This will help keep order and consistency in your office."
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Tip 5: Create Drama
"Bring in some large prints that make you happy, inspire you, and draw your eye. We are all about color at Fig. 2, so the prints around our studio invite some of our favorite hues into the space."
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Smith demonstrates her letterpress technique on a pretty greeting card. She customized the wood tray by painting it bright pink.
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Tip 6: Know What You Use Most
"Depending on what [industry] you work in, figure out what you have the most of. For example, we hold a lot of greeting cards, gift wrap, and wedding invitation samples in our studio. Our goal is to find the most efficient way to store our highest volume products. If you're a photographer, chances are you have lots of camera equipment, and prints of your favorite shoots."
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Tip 7: Make It Look Like You
"Chances are, you spend a lot of time in your studio. Make it a place you want to be, and a place that reflects you. Choose colors and decorations that remind you of things you find important. Our 'Say No' poster is in one of our favorite neons — [it helps] us remember not to feel obligated to pick up every client that comes our way if it's not a good fit."

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