Your Weird Subculture Of The Day: Zombie-Hunting “Preppers”

Obviously, that headline requires explanation. See, according to the Miami News Times, a growing number of South Floridians have been spending their time collecting non-perishable food, guns, and ammo in anticipation of the apocalypse (or, as they say, when “Shit Hits The Fan” — SHTF). They call themselves “preppers” and — since they'll probably shoot you in the face if you come knocking next time the power's out — they call you a “zombie”. Delightful folks.

News Times
details how these Floridians — inspired by our recent hurricanes — stock up on shotguns and pasta in bulk, whine that Y2K didn’t spark Armageddon, and study The Walking Dead for tips. Funny, though, that for all the survival and home-doctoring courses these preppers take, they’ve yet to learn that when SHTF, humanity endures not through isolated self-sufficiency, but by banding together. Since knowing the people on your block might be more helpful in a disaster than barrels of water, communing is probably the ultimate survival skill.

But these preppers hide their preparations and will tell you straight up that, “we don’t know any of our neighbors.” Like we said, delightful folks. Just don’t ask them for S when SHTF. (The Miami News Times)
Photo: "The Walking Dead" Bob Mahoney/AMC

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