Your Beauty Forecast, October 2016

There are two signs in the zodiac that are synonymous with love, lust, and longing — Libra and Scorpio. In October, the sun beams its bright energy toward both, revving up our inner romantics and increasing our urge to merge. Libra season, which lasts until the 22nd, is more lighthearted and happy to draw out the courtship phase. Air-sign energies, like those of Libras, love to converse and collect data. This month, revel in the getting-to-know-you process because, honestly, there’s always something new to learn about the one you love.
When water sign Scorpio takes the wheel for a month on the 22nd, get ready to plunge into the deep...or hop on the life raft and paddle furiously away. This raw, instinctual season has an all-or-nothing theme, so forget about stringing anyone along with a "call me, maybe" line. With this palpable simmering energy ruling the skies, seductive powers are super potent in October’s final third. Beam them mindfully or hearts could break.
Honesty is the name of the game in October — in both your love life and your beauty routine. To feel your most authentic self, hone in on the looks you really love to wear. Find new ways to wear the colors that keep the workweek blahs away. Is a cat-eye your everyday go-to? Try a fresh approach. And if you’re still trying to figure out exactly what beauty products make you feel like you, we’ve got you covered with plenty of inspo below.
Two-Toned Lips
If you’re rarely seen without a swipe of bold lip color, try upping the ante with a two-toned lip. This look starts with one thing: glowing skin. After applying your primer and foundation, swipe a highlighting stick across your cheekbones, beneath your browbones, down the bridge of your nose, and atop your Cupid’s bow. Keep your eye makeup simple by just defining your brows and coating your lashes with a light layer of volumizing mascara. If you want a rosier glow, swirl a shimmery pink blush over the apples of your cheeks. Next, dive into your lip arsenal. Choose two lipstick shades that are within the same color family — make sure one hue is a bit darker than the other. Apply the darker shade to your lower lip and the softer one to your upper lip. Blot with a tissue and apply a final coat of both hues. The two colors will slowly melt together as you go about your day, leaving you with the coolest multi-dimensional lip.
Chic Flick
If we had to pick a makeup spirit animal, it would be the cat-eye. That being said, we’re down to try a twist on the ol’ favorite for special occasions. Start this look by prepping your skin with primer and your favorite foundation. Next, dust a shimmery, neutral shadow over your entire lid. Grab your trusty eyeliner pen (or marker) and avoid the urge to begin lining from the inside or outside corner of the eye. Instead, draw a straight diagonal line from the middle of your lid (it helps to use a liner with a straight-edged tip); angle it to meet the tail end of your brow. Thicken the line and taper it at the end to create a subtle wing shape. Finish your eyes with a coat of mascara. And if you really want to take this cat-eye to the next level, add the equally classic red lip. Outline your lips with a red lipliner to guarantee your color doesn’t start to slip and slide right after you apply it. Top with a bold, universally flattering blue-red lipstick, and say hello to your new go-to.

Texture Play
If your signature beauty look hasn’t changed since the day you learned how to apply makeup, you are long overdue for a reboot. Don’t freak — a little change (not an overhaul) can make a huge difference. Mixing and matching different textures can give your look a fresh twist. Watch above as we pair velvety matte skin and lips with a shimmery eye to create a fall beauty look you can wear again and again.

Pastel Polish
A big splash of color has the potential to look more costumey than couture. But if bright color is what makes you feel like you, we have the perfect statement-making eye look. The trick to pulling it off is to keep the shape clean and the rest of your makeup light and airy. After applying your foundation, concealer, and whatnot, fill in and groom your brows. Using a spoolie brush and some brow gel, brush them up and out. Next, grab your favorite flat shadow brush and run it under a faucet. Shake it off so it’s not dripping wet, then dip the damp brush in a pastel, powder-blue shadow. Starting at the inner corner of your eye (just next to the tear duct), draw a thin line of shadow along your crease, following the curve until it meets the outer corner of your eye. Using the tapered edge of the brush, draw a straight line to connect the shape back to your upper lashline. Fill in the shape you just created with the flat side of the shadow brush and swipe on two coats of mascara. If you haven’t done so already, try a sweep of rosy blush and a layer of pearlescent caramel-colored lipstick to finish the look.
Video Directed by Liam Le Guillou; Photographed by Nick Eucker; Styled by Laura Pritchard; Hair by Peter Matteliano at Kate Ryan; Makeup by Ashleigh Ciucci; Nails by Holly Falcone at Kate Ryan; Set Design by Hans Maharawal; Modeled by Hallie Hutchinson for Muse Model Management, Kate Hutchinson Driscoll for IMG Models, and Flaviana for Wilhelmina Models.

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