Your Chance To Score Your Dream Bike (At An Equally Dreamy Price!)

There's nothing quite like the feeling of a cruise through the streets on your bike—but how much sweeter would it be if you were cruising through summer on a beautiful new bike? Well, Reservers-on-wheels, this one's for you. Now is your chance to invest in a proper bike from PUBLIC Bikes. This is not the shanty-but-charming jalopy you inherited (or bought on Craigslist). This one is the dream bike you've always wanted. Right now, spending $100 gets you $200 on any PUBLIC Bike, valid via exclusive e-mail redemption. You'll also snag yourself an invitation to the special PUBLIC Happy Hour event with PUBLIC Bikes' founder, Rob Forbes. Our own Refinery29 San Fransisco editor Katie Hintz will also be on hand to send you off with a smile as you pedal into the sunset on the bike of your dreams. So if you're ready to get around on a bike that meets your needs from aesthetics to schedule specifics, we're ready for you too. Reserve your new best friend from PUBLIC Bikes!

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