This Is Our Jam: Yeasayer, "Longevity"

Brooklyn band Yeasayer is about to release its third album, Fragrant World , and “Longevity” offers the latest whiff of what's to come. With its pentatonic synths and a trippy beat, the track sees the band riding a calm, confident groove. While Yeasayer is are capable of explosive pop songs like "2080" and "O.N.E," they’re also equally happy to just relax and chill out, man. “Longevity” manages to split the difference between both tendencies, with frontman Chris Keating in R&B crooner mode, while the blips and bloops remain just psychedelic enough to keep things weird. Sidebar: Yoshi Sodeoka’s glitchy video accompaniment should please fans of ‘90s public access television and Trapper Keepers alike — so basically, everyone.
Yeasayer—Fragrant World
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