Wintour in the White House, Hostage Retail, and Hurley's Jerky

Our dear Abbey Lee Kershaw proves a quick study in abstract expressionism. (Fashion Copious)
Clothing is passé. Wearable paper is the new hotness. Just be careful to check the weather before you head out. (Flavorwire)
We would pay ransom to get into Ann Sofie Back's incredible "Hostage Store". (The Moment)
Following that,the Here/Nau/NYC all recycled pop-up shop is our second favorite temporary retail concept of the day. (NYT)
After dealing with a bout of depression following his exit from Gucci, Tom Ford went on a mission to find himself. Don't worry though. "Just because I've become spiritual," he says, "doesn't mean I can't love crocodile." (NYP)
For her 60th birthday, Anna Wintour finally got that long-rumored White House position, though to enjoy it she'll have to share time on The President's Committee on the Arts and Humanities with peasants like Yo-Yo Ma and John Kerry. (Fashionologie)
On the subject of Condé Nest bigwigs, former Marie Claire and Cosmo publisher Susan Plagemann has moved on to Vogue , taking over for publishing director Tom Florio who will oversee Plagemann while supervising at four other Condé titles. (Observer)
That Cintra Wilson's excellent Critical Shopper review of the Tom Binns' store delves into her bar-hopping past, uses Internet speak, and is flush with 'tude reminds us how much we already miss Mike Albo, and then the crying starts all over again. (NYT)
Is Lady Gaga even the least bit shocking any more? Survey says… (My Style)
Arena rockers Kings of Leon have partnered with Surface to Air on a clothing line, thus saving themselves a fortune in tight jeans and plaid shirts. (Black Book)
Liz Hurley, used to hawking clothes, perfumes, and makeup, now uses her considerable beauty and èlan to marketing organic beef jerky. (Style File)
Zoe Kravitz makes quite a punky lil' princess in this Vera Wang spot. (Teen Vogue)
The only thing worth aiming for is love. As you long as you have that, it's okay, and then you have some issues you just need to work out during this lifetime, not that I'm religious in any shape or form. But I don't fear death. Love is the only thing that matters. Everything else is smoke and mirrors."—An unexpectedly philosophical Daphne Guinness (The Cut).
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