Winter Cocktail Alert: The Black & Orange Old Fashioned

embedblackbush-bitters-sugar-soda-copyPhoto: Courtesy of Liz Raiss.
Residents of the West Coast or any climate that's even vaguely temperate: You can stop reading now. Everyone else, does this sound familiar? You're confined to a dignified but comfortable leather chair, streaming Crackling Yule Log Fireplace on Netflix while a snowstorm (sorry, polar vortex) rages just outside your window. It's gnarly out there, and this is no time for light, flirty cocktails.
No, fellow cold-sufferers, this is the time for whiskey. More specifically, the time for whiskey with bitters. Even more specifically, the time for whiskey with bitters and whatever variety of oily, pungent, bitter-fleshed citrus you happen to have on hand. (Here's looking at you, clementines.)
Before you're stuck indoors for the long haul, stock up on all-orange everything (bitters, fruit, onesies) and some ginger beer. We say that because we've taken the Moscow Mule — a classic, wizened cocktail — and punched it up. We added a curl of orange peel for aroma and flavor, orange bitters for spice, ginger beer (no ale allowed!) for depth and effervescence, and a fruity Irish whiskey (we used Bushmill's Blackbush) because, really, whiskey is the whole point.
So, grab a blanket, curl up, and start drinking. You’re not going anywhere any time soon.
1 1/2 oz of a spicy Irish whiskey of your choice
3 oz ginger beer, or to taste
A couple of dashes of orange bitters
Enough ice to fill your glass
Add ice to glass, combine all ingredients, stir. Drink.

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