Window Shopper: Take A Timeout With Timex's New Collab With J.Crew

Though the weekend's the perfect time not to tell time, we might have to make an exception for J. Crew, who just launched their newest exclusive Timex for J.Crew watch, the Timex Andros. Equal parts preppy, retro, tough, and nautical (we can't seem to slow our adjective roll), the light-navy strap and dive aesthetic is not too flashy, but no snooze, neither. Named after the Andros Barrier Reef in the Bahamas, the timepiece boasts quartz analog movement with a workable bezel, date display, and a stainless steel case—plus it's water resistant up to 330 feet. Made for men, we're giving girls the approval to get it in on the oversized watch trend, too. At $175, it's the type of buy you won't mind beating up—this baby can stand the test of, well, time.
Time Andros Watch, $175, available at J.Crew, 99 Prince Street (between Greene and Mercer streets); 212-966-2739.

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