Will Design for Shelter: Bloomberg To Award Studio Space to Twelve Deserving Designers

As recent campaigns to preserve the Garment Center have brought to light, New York-based fashion designers with prospect of longevity are an increasingly endangered species. Many of our favorite brands like Lorick and Vena Cava came to fruition in lieu of actual studio spaces, but with some good luck (coupled with their talent), these brands have thankfully managed to beat the odds. In an effort to save some more from the grim hands of economic fate, the CFDA has a new trick up its sleeve. Funded by the New York City Economic Development Corporation, they will award twelve qualified designers with affordable studio space in the heart of the Garment District—A dream come true to those who would otherwise be operating out of studio apartments. While the terms of this project are still sort of vague, the promotion of entrepreneurship and the protection of rising fashion labels is an encouraging nod in the right direction for the future of the city's industry. (Fashion Week Daily)
Image: Frank Tell in his studio, photo from Frank.

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