This Is Our Jam: Wildcat! Wildcat!, “Mr. Quiche”

With a name like Wildcat! Wildcat! and a song called “Mr. Quiche,” you may be distracted by the presentation, but as it turns out the exclamatory animals and anthropomorphized food really aren’t the focus here. Instead, pay attention to the beautiful falsetto and sunny harmonies that intertwine with a sexy R&B beat. Wildcat! Wildcat! split the difference between pastoral indie and dance floor grind quite nicely, and "Mr. Quiche" should be sonic gold for Yeasayer fans looking to chill, or Grizzly Bear-lovers wanting to get down and dirty. Also, the video has an actual wildcat dancing in the streets of L.A., so consider all your pleasure-centers covered.
Download the track from Soundcloud, and watch the video below:

Wildcat! Wildcat!—Take Care
"Mr. Quiche"

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