WideAngle Helps Us Make Sense Of Social Media

Between our Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Vine, and you-name-it accounts, sometimes our days can feel like a blur of social-media madness — especially in a gadget-happy city like S.F. And, we hope we speak for most when we say that it’s about time something came along to reign in our photo streaming, posting, and — let’s be real — stalking!
Well, our prayers have been answered, because yesterday marked the official launch of WideAngle. We'll no longer have to cross-reference Facebook and Instagram just to see what our friends are eating for breakfast, because this app not only rounds up all of our social-media photos, but all those of our Facebook and Instagram friends and followers, as well! Designed for the iPad (but coming soon to the iPhone and Android), this is one serious game changer, guys. Yep, now we can organize pics by people, date, location, resolution, and more — as well as leave comments and likes without having to switch between sites or accounts. Call it an organized obsession!

Photo: Courtesy of WideAngle

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