What “Morning People” Don’t Want You To Know

This article was originally published May 17, 2015. It certainly seems like a "morning person" is the thing to be these days. We're not necessarily happy about it, but we get it. And, this new DNews video shows us why that hype is justified — sort of. As the video explains, being able to both wake up and actually function in those early hours is largely perceived as a Good Thing. And, there is some research to back that up. Early-risers tend to be more proactive, agreeable, and conscientious than those who prefer to sleep in. And, of course, being an early bird makes a normal work schedule that much easier. But, we're definitely not all morning people at heart — and night owls have their own set of strengths. For instance, they tend to be more intelligent, creative, and funny. The fact is, though, we don't really have that much control over our wake-up preferences; some research suggests they're baked into our genes. And, predictably, other research shows that late risers do just as well as early risers on certain tasks, as long as they're given at the right time. So, rather than trying to make everyone a morning person, the real trick is finding a way to do what needs to be done without messing with your natural schedule, whatever that may be. It's all good — as long as you're getting your recommended amount of shut-eye, that is. A sleep-deprived early bird is going to be crap at worm-catching.

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