Where To Get The Best Nail Art In Chicago

Images via Mojo Spa, Spifster Sutton, and Nails by Dany.
We love nail art. And we don't exactly keep this a secret. We know you're right there with us, inventing patterns and designs by the dozens while watching marathons on Bravo and the Travel Channel. But if your at-home nail art never gets further than your left hand, maybe it's time to leave things to a pro. We've scoured Chicago's best nail salons to find out where you can get much more than a basic manicure. These salons and nail artists will paint your perfect digits into designs you've only seen on, well, Refinery29. While it's endlessly fun to see what creations you (and a steady hand) can come up with, sometimes it's nice to treat yourself to a little artistic pampering. DIY another day.

Tacarra 'Spifster' Sutton
Tacarra Sutton is an independent nail artist who is making waves all over Chicago with her seriously impressive skills. We love how daring and modern Tacarra's designs are, and we're pretty much dying to have our own perfect tens. You can book an appointment with Tacarra (quickly please!) via her StyleSeat page, but you can also check out her blog for examples of her, you know, handiwork.

Chicago Nails by Dany
Dany knows what's up. Not only will she trick-out your nails into some seriously stunning designs, but she'll also make house calls! Dany will come to the aid of any Chicago gal sporting gross claws, and have you dazzling and scoring compliments in no time. We like her. Visit her Facebook page for info on how to book your next mani.

Bliss Minx Manicure
Ah, Minx. Because if you're going to splurge on a mani/pedi, you might as well give yourself something amazing to look at for a long, long time. We're still obsessed with these super stick-ons, and come running back every time we have a bad incident with our in-home Sally Hansen favorites. When is the last time you treated yourself?
Bliss Spa, 644 North Lake Shore Drive (at East Ontario Street);


Nail Shop & Spa
We are totally entranced by the endless nail art options available at Nail Shop & Spa. Seriously you'd have to chase us down and attack us with polish remover to get us to take this stuff off. This is where you go when you really want to unleash your imagination (or someone else's!) onto your nails. Bring a healthy dose of patience and know that the more intense your nail art, the higher the price, but this is so worth it.
Nail Shop & Spa, 5965 West Madison Street (at Austin Boulevard); 773-379-

Mojo Spa
Mojo spa is not for those who like to roll solo to their pamper session. This is the spa that practically begs you to bring your ladies, all your ladies. Mojo offers traditional manicures and pedicures that you can spice up with extra treatments nail art, naturally. Try not to get too lost in their confection-inspired products on your way to the chair. Mojo Spa, 1468 North Milwaukee Avenue (between Evergreen Avenue & Honore Street); 773-235-6656.

Sejour Hair Salon and Nail Spa
If those tribal lines didn't come out the way you wanted, spare yourself an hour of crying into your red wine. Leave the tough stuff to the pros at Sejour, who can dress up your nails any way you like. This salon specializes in freehand nail designs, so get creative. Even better, Sejour is currently running a spa special. They've dropped their prices to $35 for a mani/pedi, and any art you're adding on (hopefully a lot of it!) is extra.
Sejour Salon and Nail Spa, 2245 West Irving Park Road (between Bell Avenue & Oakley Avenue), 2nd Floor; 773-250-5440.

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